Irish Iron Wrecker

Universal Container Skate

This ITI Universal Container Skate makes loading and moving shipping containers easier. When the corner pockets are not accessible, this flat, low profile skate is the tool to use since you can place it anywhere along the bottom of the sea container. The container sits into the recessed area of the skate and is winched into position. The skate's tapered end eases the transition from the ground surface to the angle of a rollback carrier or trailer. The slick surface of the skate makes moving objects easy! The ITI Universal Container Skate is made from a unique recycled material which provides the most durable and longest lasting performance versus competitive products.

  • ITI skates are manufactured in the USA.

  • Made from extruded recycled plastic

  • Rot, wear, oil and grease resistant

  • Stronger than wood

  • Sold individually

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