Irish Iron Wrecker


The new TM-FLUX32 is straight out of the future! With a charge time of 8 minutes, and run times for up to 4 hours, this is the short haul Tow Operators dream light bar. No more getting caught on the road with dead batteries, fully charge the TM-FLUX32 in 8 mins! Also, do to the revolutionary new technology, you never have to replace the power system! NO MORE BATTERIES TO REPLACE! Using the technologies of tomorrow to power the system, we have created the fastest charging and most reliable light bar ever.

The TM-FLUX32 is 32" and includes 2 Amber indicators for Left/Right turning visibility. * Check state regulations to see if you require Amber indicators.  

  • Durable PVC housing

  • Recharges from 12V

  • Lifetime warranty on electronics & LED's

  • Up to 4 hours of use between recharge

  • Approx. 1000' range

  • Systems come complete with transmitter, light, charge cord, foot covers and instructions.

  • 7-Pin truck, 7-Pin RV, 6-Pin round, 4-Pin flat, and hardwire transmitters are also available at no additional cost.

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