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The 4100 Series Heavy Duty Vernier Adjustable Locking Control Cable from Buyers Products offers smooth, reliable control for many PTO and dump applications. It's easy to use and install, and its detachable head makes adjustments fast and simple. The dual-ball locking mechanism secures the cable while in use. The large, easy-to-grab knob allows for fine tuning for precise settings. The cable's solid .088 in. diameter stainless steel core keeps tension strong.

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Part#                 Length          Weight

VCGTX35          35'              5.80 lbs.

VCGTX30          30'              5.10 lbs.

VCGTX25          25'              4.80 lbs.

VCGTX20          20'              4.00 lbs.

VCGTX15          15'              3.40 lbs.

VCGTX06            6'              2.20 lbs. 

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