Irish Iron Wrecker


21" wireless magnetic taillight system provides stop, tail, and turn in a compact low profile single unit. This system features a solar panel for supplemental power increasing battery life and reducing the need to charge the unit from a charge cord. Includes a 4-pin round transmitter, charge cord, and a full lifetime warranty (including the battery). Range 1000 feet.

(Uses one 12V1.3Ah Battery)

  • Durable PVC housing

  • Recharges from 12V

  • Lifetime warranty on electronics & LED's

  • Up to 10 hours of use between recharge

  • Approx. 1000' range

  • Systems come complete with transmitter, light, charge cord, foot covers and instructions

  • 7-Pin truck, 7-Pin RV,6-Pin round, 4-Pin flat, and hardwire transmitters are also available at no additional cost

  • Comes standard compatible w/ iMon

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