Irish Iron Wrecker

Shortening Chain with Cradle Grab Hooks Grade 100

Grade 100 Shortening Chain with Cradle Grab Hooks. See part numbers below.

II-G10-516-5-Short     5/16″      WLL:  5,700 Lbs.
II-G10-38-5-Short        3/8″        WLL:  8,800 Lbs.
II-G10-12-3-Short        1/2″        WLL: 15,000 Lbs.
II-G10-58-3-Short        5/8″        WLL: 22,600 Lbs.

Shortening Chains have a variety of uses including shortening any length of chain. Use with like grade chains.

Make sure to select the size you would like in the upper right corner.


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