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Lodar Remote Air Kit with IP Transmitter 8 Function

Many trucks only have hand levers controlling the hydraulics.  The Lodar Actuator Series allows controls of up to 8 hand levers, with one single Radio Remote System.  An air supply is required - if not available then a small compressor, always useful anyway, needs to be added.  All Actuator kits come with a Transmitter, Receiver, Actuator, Air Fittings, Plates and Wiring- everything you need to get you going.

  • 8 Function 
  • 4 Air cylinder 
  • 200 feet range
  • IP67 Receiver 
  • IP67 Transmitter 
  • Master output
  • Supply 12/24VDC 
  • Receiver dimensions: 150mm x 150mm x 81mm 

Product Specifications 

Part Number: 92258-8

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