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HD Weldable G70 Grab Hook Set of 4

B/A Products HD Weldable G70 Grab Hook Set

Engineered from fine-quality steel, the Grade 70 Weldable Grab Hook from B/A Products Co. is an excellent addition to your line of securement arsenal. Incredibly easy to install, it provides a sturdy and stabilizing attachment point that enhances the efficiency of the rest of the tie-down assembly.

  • Available in 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", & 5/8"
  • Sold as a set of four hooks
  • Free Shipping to Most USA Locations
  • Part Numbers
    • 5/16" : 11-516WGH
    •  3/8" : 11-38WGH
    •  1/2" : 11-12WGH
    •  5/8" : 11-58WGH
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