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Buyers Products PTO Cable

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Buyers Products R38D Series Control Cable with 5 Inch Travel features a corrosion resistant stainless steel core to ensure long life. The cable has 5 in. of total travel with no neutral detent. The cable is available in lengths ranging from 6 ft to 30 ft to fit a variety of jobs, and can be easily customized by cutting conduit and core wire. It includes a small clamp to secure the output end for added stability, and a 2 in. control knob.

Part#          Length          Weight

R38D6X20         20' Long         3.80 lbs.


R38D6X15         15' Long         3.10 lbs.


R38D6X10         10' Long         2.50 lbs.


R38D6X06          6' Long         1.90 lbs.






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