Irish Iron Wrecker

Automotive Skate Yellow

ITI Automotive Skates are ideal to use when moving, loading and unloading a locked, disabled or wrecked car or truck. These ITI Skates will drastically reduce the moving resistance, eliminate tire damage and make your operator more efficient and safer. Simply wedge a skate under the tires of the vehicle and begin winching. In times when you are having difficulty wedging the skates beneath the tires or wheels, the large face and durable design of the ITI skate withstands being driven into place with a mallet. These lightweight skates perform well on most surfaces including gravel, asphalt and cement. Also, utilizing skates when loading vehicles will not only protect the deck of your bed or trailer from damage. A better customer service will be provided because the skates will minimize the scrapes and mars on the driveway or parking lot too! ITI automotive skates are made from a unique recycled material which provides the most durable and longest lasting performance versus competitive products.

  • ITI skates are manufactured in the USA. 

  • Made from extruded recycled plastic

  • Rot, wear, oil and grease resistant

  • Stronger than wood

  • Please note the attached wire lanyard is for handling and storage only - NOT a pull point.

  • Dimensions: 16"L x 3.5"W x 3.5"H

  • Cable handle

  • Sold as single, pair, or pack of 4

  • Free Shipping

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